woensdag 20 juni 2012

English: In The Ashram

Before starting the actual reason for this trip: our motor ride back to The Netherlands, I wanted to get adjusted to the climat, people, etc and to relax a bit, so I decided to ga to an Ashram the last week before the big trip.

And so here I am, In Rishikesh, Parmarth Niketan. A big Ashram at the side of the river “Ganga” as they call it here. For most Indian People the holy river.

The voyage from Jaipur to here was a long one. And by arrival I had to wait another 2 hours before the reception opened it's doors. Although I asked for a single room, I had to share a room with the (un) lucky woman that passed the first and that was Shamy, from Mexico. She already booked in a few days before and had to share her room now. And she did without any comment! We got a room at he top floor that, we found out later, was the hottest place in the block. No airco, just l little fan.
After putting my belongings in the room it was time for breakfast where I met Samuel from New Zealand, who was working for the Ganga team. A team that is trying to safe the Ganga from getting more dams. He invited me to a walk up to a temple. Although I was very tired I couldn't resist and it and it seemed to be the best decision because the people I met during this walk, were really nice!

That evening I received the schedule for my yoga classes for the next 12 days. First class at 06:00PM...... The yoga group is very multinational. The teacher really nice. She's singing us through the practices. On of the most group binding activities is the cleaning of the yoga hall. We bring up a hose to the first floor and make almost a swimming pool of the hall. We are like little children....

The spare time we have we mostly spent together with the same group: Shamy, my roommate, Kim, she's staying in the ashram as well and Samuel. (he left a few days ago) We had nice conversations and fun. We try out different places to eat. The food in the Ashram is good, but always rice and vegetables...... I don't like to eat rice in the morning so was very pleased to being introduced by a good breakfast cafe: The Office. Now I'm at the office every morning! They serve an excellent fruit salad, ginger lemon honey tea and mango lassi, hmmmmmm.

Sunday we had our day of. With a small group: Ram (an Indian tourguide that Kim had met some days before) took us to the waterfalls. Us being: Shamy, Kim, our two (Indian) men from yogaclass, Jagat and Jitender and a man we call Free India, because of his talks. It was a long and heavy walk, but worthwhile! Finely swimming! It is very strange to see the Indian men bathing in their underwear while the women have to keep their clothes on. We as well!. So no swimming in bikini for Shamy.... We ended in a restaurant. A good ending of a great day!

This week Marika and I will start our trip together. I'm looking forward to it. We've had some good news about our visa. There a sign of life from the agency in Iran. Our agent in The Netherlands said that it good e arranged now in a few days.......

The time here in the Ashram has been great and still is, because of the wonderfull people I've met here..... thanks you all!

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  1. Marika!

    Zo spreek ik je een tijdje niet en zo ga je gewoon even door de mooiste en wellicht ook gevaarlijkste gebieden (voor een Westerling althans) van de wereld rijden.

    Hoe Gaaf. Hoe Stoer. Hoe Waanzinnig Leuk!!!

    Ik neem mijn petje af. Doe mij maar een paar slokjes van jouw geheime Lef-Drankje!

    Ik mis BMW Motorrad Nederland bij de sponsors. Wat mij betreft een gemiste kans.

    Heel veel plezier op de lange reis.

    Ik ga jullie verhaal aandachtig volgen.


    Jaap (je weet wel: India/regen/jouw groepje-mijn groepje)